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Peer review is the process used to assess whether a scientific paper is suitable for publication based on the quality, originality and importance of the work. The 6th International Conference on Automotive Innovation & Green Energy Vehicle (AiGEV) 2024 provides peer review for all the paper submitted.

All paper is evaluated by group of expert in the field, known as reviewer to make sure it meets the necessary standards for acceptance and publication for decision made by the conference editors.

Peer Review occurs during a fixed window of time. All authors are notified of the decision on their paper at the same time.


1. Upon submission, Editors will screen the general suitability of paper with the conference’s scope. If deemed suitable, the Editor will select reviewer for submitted paper, based on scientific interests and background.

2. Some the submissions are rejected without being sent out for per review on the grounds of priority, insufficient originality and scientific flaws.

3. When reviewer comment is received, an Editor will make an initial decision along the following lines:

•        To unconditionally accept the paper
•        To request mandatory amendments with likely acceptance (accept with minor revision)
•        To request major revision and encourage resubmission
•        To reject the paper outright

4. Editorial Board (Publication Committee) is ultimately responsible for the selection of every accepted paper.

5. The decision taken by Editorial board is final in all respects and no further comments/communications from authors in this regard is expected.

6. In case of limited peer review period, conference may not offer a revision option. Instead, will either accept or reject the initial submission.


1. AiGEV2024 review process using a dedicated review system ( with a pool of reviewers under related field of expert.

2. Review format use Single-blind which the names of the reviewers are not shared with the author but the reviewers are aware of the author’s identity.

3. Selected paper should be evaluated by at least two reviewers and by the anonymous expert member of the Editorial board

4. During the peer review process, typically reviewers are asked to comment on the following aspects of:
•        Scope: Is the paper appropriate for the scope of this conference?
•        Novelty: Is this original material distinct from previous publications?
•        Validity: Is the study well designed and executed?
•        Data: Are the data reported, analyzed, and interpreted correctly?
•        Clarity: Are the ideas expressed clearly, concisely, and logically?
•        Compliance: Are all ethical and publication requirements met?
•        Advancement: Is this a significant contribution to the field?
•        Referencing: Use referencing manager?

5. The reviewer provide supporting remarks and their comments are generally very helpful for improving the quality of submitted papers.